Five Key Steps to Developing a Brand Identity

How CultureSpan can help you Brand your Business

Developing a brand identity for your business can be a daunting task, but it’s an important first step in building your brand. At CultureSpan Marketing, helping you find your visual identity is what we do. 

As with any project we undertake, we bring a level of experience and expertise to every stage of the process. Below are five key steps we follow when developing a brand identity.


It all starts with a deep dive into a client’s business. We explore their services or products, audience personas, business goals and marketing objectives. We also study their competition and other key details that all come together to help reveal a brand’s personality.


Once we’ve completed our research, we begin the creative process. This will feature the development of a high-level creative brief, which serves as a road map that details our creative approach and recommended direction based on our research.


The design process is where the brand identity comes to life! This step includes conceptualization and sketching to start creating potential icons, selecting type and exploring color palettes. These ideas will then come together and be developed into logo options.


CultureSpan believes that client input is invaluable at any stage of our process. That’s because we understand that each business owner knows his or her brand best. So whether they want to be involved with the research or they’re just interested in seeing the final product, we can accommodate any level of feedback and participation. Once we have our logo options finalized, we will review them with the client for final approval. 


The extensive research conducted at the beginning of our process along with an approved logo after the design stage will serve as key components to further develop a client’s brand identity. This includes implementation of the new identity on everything from collateral and signage to social media platforms and a website.

Your brand identity is the face of your business, and it deserves to look great. While these five steps are just a part of the overall process, you can see why entrusting the evolution of your brand to an experienced team like CultureSpan is a worthwhile investment.

If your company is looking for similar services, we’re excited to help you begin your branding journey. Get in touch with us today at (915) 581-7900 or