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Valentine’s Day:
Yay or Nay?


Ahhhh… Valentine’s Day! A 24-hour period of potential amor, roses by the dozens, sweet love-laced confections and greeting cards scribbled with the spilled confessions of your heart. Just one question… sign you up or ship you out?

How To Become “El Jefe” of Snapchat: New Marketing Strategies For Hispanic Millennials

Snapchat’s marketing potential and rapid growth is still under the radar for most companies. Only two percent of all businesses are actually using Snapchat to connect with their audiences, despite its increasing popularity, especially amongst the 13 to 34 demographic. Throw in an environment which already has highly engaged consumers and it's easy to understand why Snapchat is such an ideal social network tool.

Promoting Airports to Fuel Economic Development

Sprawling on the fringes of many U.S. cities can be found huge compounds with rows of nondescript hangers, wide-open runways and planes methodically queuing up to move the masses to places far and wide. This image pretty much sums up the extent of experience most people will ever have with airports.

Nine Reasons Why You Should Work with
an Agency… Plus One.

When it comes to building business, it seems we’re all looking for the newest, fastest and most effective way to get the job done. Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, marketing automation, SEO… You name it – we’ve researched it. The list of client conversion tools at our disposal goes on and on, and we’re implementing a few with good results. 

Football Meets Culture: An L.A. Rams Fan Package


Here at CultureSpan Marketing, it’s pretty clear that we’re students of culture and beyond that, how the Hispanic market segment is helping to change the face of marketing and advertising as we know it. That being said, most of us are also fans of football, what we could consider the great American pastime.