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Georgia on My Mind

There are more than 1,400 miles between the CultureSpan Marketing headquarters in El Paso, Texas and rural Georgia. But in my mind, we might as well be vecinos. Heck, maybe even kindred spirits.

ABC and Univision Tie the Knot with Creation of Fusion

Fusion, the new network conceived by a union of ABC and Univision, is described as a meeting place for English-speaking Latinos bringing together different cultures, different voices and different viewpoints. For our team at CultureSpan, Fusion represents much more than a new Latino/Hispanic media opportunity. It validates something that we’ve been working on for over 33 years - culturally integrated media for mainstream viewing. No borders, no token stereotypes.

Credit Unions vs. Banks: Dueling Headlines Part V

This may be our last installment in the Dueling Headlines series, but it is certainly not the final word in the bank vs. credit union battle. This next article shows how a headline for a National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) brings “perceived” finality to the issue.

Hispanic Growth is Big for Business

Demographic analysis of the U.S. Hispanic population keeps producing numbers that are staggering and should not be underappreciated. With so much research continuing to confirm the growth, sustainability and economic clout of the U.S. Hispanic consumer, it is imperative that businesses, brands and the agencies that represent them embrace the facts and join the fiesta.

Credit Unions vs. Banks: Dueling Headlines Part IV

Our most recent entry in the Dueling Headlines series showed that credit unions were improving market share as the result of a national “Bank Switching Day” campaign. While the shift was not monumental, credit unions were quick to seize the data and make the most of it in headlines. Interestingly, the following article seems to refute the claim and brings a new dimension into the mix – an admission that the social media campaign actually gained traction online but failed to initiate the switch on a large scale.

Credit Unions vs. Banks: Dueling Headlines Part III

Parts I and II of our Dueling Headlines series focused on how banks and credit unions use research to prove their customer service supremacy. The third post examines “bank switching” and how each institution is using competing headlines to sway consumer perceptions.

Credit Unions vs. Banks: Dueling Headlines Part II

In Part I of our series on Dueling Headlines, we saw that research from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) stated that credit unions set an all-time record for customer satisfaction. In the following article you’ll see how banks came back with some favorable data to offset the perception. Same story. Different outcome.