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GOTería – When Two Famous Games Collide


On May 19, 2019, eight years of our lives came to a close as millions witnessed the series finale of the global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. After a seemingly eternal two-year wait between seasons, the Lord of Light finally bestowed us with the conclusion of the bloody saga. Emotions ran high at CultureSpan. We knew we had to pay tribute to such a powerful story for making us feel alive.

Can We Talk About the Problem with Using Stock Photos?


Let’s face it, stock photography has become easily accessible, cliché and far from original. If you’re planning on developing a campaign, you should think twice about using stock photography. I’m not going to completely bash stock photos, since they do have a time and place for their use. However, I’m going to discuss some of the problems that have emerged in today’s visual world because of them.

Pachanga Con La Flaca


For many cultures around the world, death represents the terminal stage of life and it evokes fear. For Mexicans and some parts of Latin America, death is a transitional phenomenon that is viewed with a playful and positive attitude. Therefore, Día de Muertos is a joyful celebration and remembrance for those who are gone but live through us.