It's National Mom and 流行企业家日!

National Mom & 流行企业家日

This year it is especially important for the recognition as the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone's daily routine and we’re all doing our best to adjust accordingly.

This is very true for small businesses such as restaurants and other types of eateries. As big supporters of local restaurants, we thought it would help to develop an online source with information for those who are still open to the public. Thanks to an initial list from the @El Paso Hispanic Chamber along with suggestions from team members and friends, we’ve compiled a list of local grub spots that are still serving up their tasty eats.

Join us is going local whenever you can so we can all do our part to help save small businesses in El Paso!

501 Bar & Bistro电话:501 Texas, (915) 351-6023
外卖餐馆和交付. Free delivery Downtown, Sunset Heights and Kern.

AJ’s Diner: 7102 N. 台面,(915)584 - 2514
Pick-up, free delivery through Favor.

Andale: 9201 Gateway West, (915) 590-5999

Angry Owl: 4799 N. 台面,(915)532 - 2450
外卖和交付, beer available with online food order.

提前预订路边取货. 访问ArdovinosPizza.Com表示位置和菜单.

Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse: 1620 N. Resler, (915) 996 - 9051
Orders can be placed online at or by phone and picked up when ready.  外带啤酒也是一种选择.

Ay Jalisco: 14150地平线,(915)852-8282
“Stay Home” special that feeds a family of four for $16. They are also asking that you consider sponsoring a meal for law enforcement, first responders and medical workers.

This is a one chef start-up company. Please text or call: (915) 224-2358

Basico小酒馆咖啡馆: 6006 N. 台面,(915)581 - 6661
Curbside pickup.

Blaze Pizza普莱森顿(布利斯堡)
delivery and carryout, order from their app,, GrubHub, Postmates or DoorDash.

汉堡和玉米饼: 3117 Saul Kleinfeld, (915) 202-5807

边境牛排餐厅电话:7600阿拉巴马,(915)759 -4087
Will be taking carryout and delivery orders only with $5 delivery charge or free delivery on orders of $50 or more.

Brown Bag Deli电话:4319 Fred Wilson, (915) 562-2399
外卖餐馆和交付, delivery area from Altura to Hondo Pass, Fort Bliss, further for large orders.

卡洛斯和米奇的: 1310马格鲁德,(915)778-3323

Café Central: 109 N. 俄勒冈州(915)545 - 2233
打电话来取货. Delivery available within the Downtown area or through Favor.

Caffé Fioretti电话:3429蒙大拿,(915)562-4600

Casita Linda电话:5315韩道通行证,(915)757-9025

Chase the Taste: 10771 Gateway South, (915) 270-9199
Offer to-go orders and will implement delivery service within a 10-mile radius.

Chuco Burger电话:1201 Lafayette, (915) 598-8707

Cincinnati Bar & Grill East: 1700 N. 萨拉戈萨,(915)856 - 1824

Coffee Box: 401 N. 台面,(915)935 - 7733

Como’s Italian: 4030 N. 台面,(915)533 - 0287  

提供免费送货 through the Favor app.

龙虾酒吧烧烤店: 212辛辛那提,(915)533-9332

Cuauhtémoc Café电话:6840蒙大拿,(915)881-8747

美味的墨西哥食物电话:11335 Montwood, (915) 857-1396
提前打电话叫外卖. Offering a Lenten special menu every Friday.

Delight: 502 N. 俄勒冈州(915)503 - 1882
Curbside pickup.

沙漠的月亮咖啡厅: 310 S. 佛罗伦萨(915)234 - 2226

沙漠橡树烧烤: 1320 N. 萨拉戈萨,(915)309 - 4322
Open for online to-go orders, to-go orders at the counter, and curbside pickup. The link to place an order online is


Don Carbon:不同的地方

Dragonfly Wine & Sushi: 5860 N. 台面,(915)304 - 0775
Catering, takeout and delivery; beer, wine and sake cocktails 50% off.

Eloise: 255 Shadow Mountain, (915) 581-2441
Offering pickup and delivery to the Westside.

Flautas y Paletería Tepalca:不同的地方
提供订餐时 and curbside pickup with a change in hours from 11 am to 8 pm.

Gabriel’s: 1270贾尔斯,(915)591-9800

Garufa阿根廷的餐厅: 5411 N. 台面,(915)833 - 6100

Good Luck Café电话:3813 Alameda, (915) 532-9039

Greenery: Sunland Park Mall, (915) 584-6706
Call in your order they will bring it to your car.

林早午餐咖啡馆: 7470 Cimarron Market, (915) 234-2299

Healthy Bite: 205 E. 米尔斯,(915)351 - 1700
外卖或交付 through Favor or Grubhub.

Hoppy Monk: 4141 N. 台面,(915)307 - 3263

辣妹翼屋: 2281 N. 萨拉戈萨,(915)856 - 7991
优步外卖, Postmates, 还有一名内部送货司机, daily drink specials for delivery with food purchase.

Hudson’s Grill: 1770 N. 李·特维诺,(915)595 -2769
通过Favor app投递.

西意大利厨房: 450索恩,(915)842-0775

Joe, Vinny & 布朗森的波西米亚风格的咖啡馆: 824 N. 毛孢子菌病,(915)801 - 0475
Food, beer and wine to-go or order through Uber Eats, Doordash and Grubhub,


Ke Flauta: 5100 Doniphan, (915) 581-4028
Delivery, curbside pickup and Uber Eats.

琦琦的墨西哥餐厅: 2719 N. 毛孢子菌病,(915)565 - 6713
Curbside pickup.

冰淇淋之王电话:9574 Dyer, (915) 881-4442

日落150号的厨房: 150 E. 日落,(915)585 - 1150
Curbside pick-up, to-go, alcohol available when ordering food.

L&J Café: 3622 E. 密苏里州(915)566 - 8418
新的临时办公时间,上午11时至下午5时. place your order for curbside pick-up.

La Enchilada墨西哥厨房: 1691 N. 萨拉戈萨,(915)849 - 8322
Offering delivery in a five-mile radius.

兰德里的海鲜房子: 6801 Gateway West, (915) 779-2900
Offering 10% off your check on curbside pick-ups.

Lick it Up: 114 E米尔斯,(915)303-7768
素食或纯素食的食物. Call for pick-up. 网上订购.app/lickitup或通过Favor应用.

露西的咖啡馆北: 10025 Dyer, (915) 626-5002

Mac’s: 315 E. 米尔斯,(915)533 - 8100
Curbside/regular pick-up and citywide delivery with varying minimums.

Malolam: 5001 N. 台面,(915)875 - 8670

妈妈的墨西哥餐厅: 1461 N. 李·特维诺,(915)595-1990

台面街头烧烤: 3800 N. 台面,(915)532 - 1881
Closed dining rooms, shifted to curbside pickup and delivery.

Paco Wong’s地理位置:北纬7111,台地,(915)581-7111

Peking Garden: 1810特拉伍德,(915)593-4900

Pelican’s Steak & Seafood: 130 Shadow Mountain, (915) 581-1392
Moving exclusively to curbside service for which they are offering 20% off.

Piedmont Café: 4172 N. 梅萨套房A, (915) 249-6965
Orders can be placed by phone for curbside pick-up and they are currently working on delivery service.

Pizza Joint(不同地点)

Pollo Feliz: 1779年N萨拉戈萨,(915)857-6380
Curbside pickup, takeout and drive-thru.

Pot Au Feu: 307 E. 富兰克林(915)503 - 8158
Encourage customers to order takeout and prepared meals. You may also add beer and wine to your takeout order.

Ripe Eatery & Market: 910 E. Redd计划,(915)584 - 7473

Rita's Burritos: 4907 Crossroads (Building B), (915) 260-8799
Phone orders, pick-up via drive-thru or delivery via Favor app.

: 5218 Doniphan, (915) 584-1542
Free chips and salsa with to-go orders.

Rulis“国际厨房: 4176 N Mesa, (915) 313-4806

Quik Wok电话:1320洛马兰,(915)595-0717

三明治店电话号码:10110 Montwood, (915) 300-2528
提供免费送货, Uber Eats, discount for new customers who spend $30 or more.

索伦托的意大利餐厅: 5325 Dyer, (915) 565-3937
Order for pick-up or grab a ready-to-go meal.

国家线烤肉: 1222 Sunland Park, (915) 581-3371

Superchef: 1475 George Dieter L-2, (915) 490-1932
Offering special menu for pick up and deliveries, call to place your order 

Open and “abiding by the recent El Paso City Ordinance in order to keep our community safe while maintaining business, responsibly.”


Taco Shop: 1920 N. 萨拉戈萨,(915)800 - 1011
Takeout and curbside pick-up available.

Taco Tote:不同的地方.

Tasty Kabob: 6110 N. 台面,(915)234 - 2255

墨西哥三明治: 9530 Viscount Ste 2-M, (915) 305-9530
Curbside pick-up, delivery with UberEats and Grubhub, or call to place order. 

Track One: 330 Robert E. 李(915)779 - 2170

饮食店贝拉血清: 3512 N. Yarbrough, (915) 598 - 7948
路边的交付. Order for delivery through GrubHub, DoorDash and Favor.

Villa del Mar: 7988 Gateway East, (915) 591-1446

Wing Shack Bar & Grill: 9120子爵,(915)626-5323
Starting March 21 they will offer 10% off carry out and delivery orders.

Zino’s Greek & 地中海式饮食: 7040 N. 台面,(915)584 - 8166         


Don’t forget about our Furry friends!

Virtual and curbside services for Adoptions, Fostering and Pet Reclaims.

Updates are made periodically and recommendations are welcome.

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