El Paso Water Utilities – Less Is More

The Project

When you live in a desert climate like El Paso, you understand the importance of water conservation. So, when El Paso Water Utilities came to us for help with promoting broad scale water conservation, we were excited to *ahem* get our feet wet. We wanted our campaign to do more than just get the message out; we wanted it to be memorable and to initiate real behavior change.

The Approach

The big idea was that when it comes to water usage, “Less Is the New More”. To bring this idea to life we created several funny true-to-life examples of when less really is more, which we married with easy to implement water conservation tips. The entire campaign was kicked off with teaser outdoor boards featuring the star of our first TV spot, a simple tag line and a unique URL.

This was designed to pique curiosity and drive traffic to our website where the real conservation message would be delivered. We also used bus shelters in this campaign, again using simple messages and intriguing images to pique interest and get people to visit our website. This particular piece was posted in conjunction with our Big Burger TV spot.

The Results

Our humorous approach made a splash and citywide water use was reduced by over 600 million gallons over the duration of our one-year campaign.