足球与文化:一个L.A. 公羊风扇包

L.A. 公羊“L.A. FAM“围巾和纪念品图片及插图由 艾萨克Villalpando

这里是culture respan Marketing, it’s pretty clear that we’re students of culture and beyond that, how the Hispanic market segment is helping to change the face of marketing and advertising as we know it. That being said, most of us are also fans of football, what we 这是美国人最伟大的消遣方式吗. So, when the two topics dovetail, you can bet our attention is piqued. In that interest we’ve been closely watching the inaugural return of the 公羊 to their hometown of Los Angeles, 加州. 现在 that pre-season is over, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this team. 公羊队成立于1936年,还没有被称为L.A. 自1994年以来,国内. Since then, the city and its demographics have evolved.

It’s not a secret that the NFL has been courting and actively engaging with the ever-growing Hispanic market. 从2002年开始, the league began a concerted effort to learn more about the market-changing powerhouse that the Hispanic market represented. By 2012, 25 million Hispanic fans self-identified as avid football fans这是一个不小的壮举,因为从2016年开始 西班牙裔人口目前为55岁.400万年. 更有趣的是 加州和洛杉矶县 now have the second largest Latino (read to include Hispanic) population of any US state! 有趣的事实:关于拉丁裔/西班牙裔人口, 加州 is preceded and followed by 新墨西哥 and 德州 respectively. We’ve readily documented what those kind of numbers translate to in 购买力条件 and we won’t go into those details, but suffice it to say that it’s in the double digit billions. So now that we have our numbers straight, let us diverge back to the 公羊, non-sequiturs be damned!

Securing a broadcast voice in English and Spanish not only opens the potential for an extended audience, 它也带来了新的赞助机会, more access for fans and overall growth of the Hispanic NFL fan base.
公羊队回归L.A. 西班牙裔人口众多. 现在, the prevailing and rapidly shrinking school of thought might presume that this audience might lean toward the other (albeit original) football. But that school is out and has been for quite some time. Since those days of Hispanic market outreach in the early aughts, 风扇拨款稳步攀升, 一些报道声称 1.从2004年到2014年,500万粉丝激增预计这些数字还会增长. Certainly acculturation and an increased outreach to the Hispanic market can be cited as reasons for this growth, but the fact remains that the Hispanic NFL fan certainly merits a dedicated attention from marketers and the teams themselves. That’s where Univision and ESPN Deportes are blazing a new trail with the L.A. 公羊. 

通过一对动态和精明的媒体行动, the 公羊 have penned broadcasting deals with both Univision Los Angeles and ESPN驱逐广播. The Univision deal is a three year contract to broadcast preseason games in Spanish through local L.A. 子公司. 此外,整个常规赛, Univision will also have a presence in the “fan activation” areas of L.A. Memorial Coliseum, adding to their connection points with Hispanic fans. ESPN驱逐广播, 对他们来说, have secured an exclusive rights agreement as the Ram’s flagship Spanish language station, broadcasting game day action and original content across a network of local stations throughout L.A. 县. Securing a broadcast voice in English and Spanish not only opens the potential for an extended audience, 它也带来了新的赞助机会, more access for fans and overall growth of the Hispanic NFL fan base.

L.A. 公羊“L.A. FAM“t恤和纪念品

We’re certainly excited to see how this increased attention and outreach to the Hispanic (in both English and Spanish) community works out for the 公羊 and we certainly feel like they’re on the right track. There are definitely a handful of solid test cases when it comes to this kind of specialized and researched-based strategy. 例如, 2012年,芝加哥熊队推出了“Vamos Bears”!, an “organization wide initiative” aimed at Hispanic fan outreach through football education, 青年诊所, 社区活动和官方举办的粉丝聚会. When you think about it, that covers a demographic that includes everything from kids to adults. 很明显,熊队想要一辈子的球迷. The impetus for the move came after corporate noticed a 50% increase in Hispanic Bears fans since 2005 and it makes perfect sense when you consider that the Bears have the largest Hispanic fan base of all sports teams in Chicago. The 公羊 could certainly take a cue from the groundwork laid by the Bears and other NFL and NBA teams.

L.A. 公羊“L.A. FAM“Coosie和纪念品”uedbet安卓app下载ing on this article definitely had an impact on us and that usually gets our wheels turning. We’re a visual group so we thought we’d cap off your read with our custom shot at a Ram’s fan package that features a CultureSpan twist! 我们从我们非官方的粉丝绰号“L.A. Fam公司”. 在西班牙语中,L.A. 读作" la "的定冠词. The result is a seamless blend of two languages to one. We then took this phrase and popped it onto a game day shirt and laid it atop an English and Spanish word cloud. 当你是L的一部分.A. FAM,你为你的文化多样性而自豪. Next we created a soccer scarf updated for fans of football Americano. We’ve seen these scarves popping up at more and more football games so it was a natural crossover for us. This piece works in a dual language application with one side reading “LA PASIÓN” and the other “L.A. 激情”. And what fan package would be complete without the all-important koozie. Customized for any proud 公羊 fan, it’s emblazoned with the L.A. FAM公司名称. 它看起来很酷,让你的公羊啤酒更酷!

Though these pieces were fun to create, what they can represent is what’s really inspiring to us. We’re stoked at the fact that the importance of the Hispanic market continues to steadily grow, 不仅仅是在NFL眼里, 国家也是如此. Oh, and if I, your humble bloggist could share one final thought it would be... 走巨人!


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