解读你的IT团队Graphic designers, web designers, web developers, and ITs -- oh my! When it comes to our clients, most have IT departments that are some hybrid of all of the above. We usually get to know the IT teams of our clients  firsthand, as they’re typically our point of contact when we need to update a client’s website that we aren’t hosting. 和他们一起uedbet安卓app下载很愉快. So why is your staff sometimes so timid to reach out to their ITs for assistance?

Many times it can be daunting to open the lines of 沟通 with your IT team. Things can often be "lost in translation” especially when technical jargon is involved. But a little initial awkwardness is less problematic than a complete 沟通 breakdown, 这会导致时间的流失, 项目延迟, 最重要的是,金钱上的损失. 这似乎是一种极端的观点, but we all know how quickly things can snowball in this field.

好消息是,有了一些日常原则, you can strengthen your teams’ 沟通 and avoid future headaches. 在这篇文章中, I’d like to discuss some pointers that have helped me communicate better and build good relationships with these techies.


I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with your IT team’s infrastructure and make introductions. 在某些情况下, it may be a challenge for your IT colleagues to explain their roles and what they do in non-technical terms, but letting them know what you are trying to accomplish will build the 沟通 bridge toward understanding their roles and make for an easier working relationship. 我知道你在想什么:“这太可怕了!“是的, 它是, but with a bit of training and learning on the non-ITs part, the picture starts to become clearer each time you meet.


的设计师! If you have cause to send your IT team layered design files for a website update request, 你需要组织你的图层和文件夹! I’m such a stickler for this (you can ask my colleagues).

If you’re a designer or an upper-management employee reading this article, 在附近徘徊, 把它记下来, 我来告诉你我为什么这么喜欢整理文件. When you pass unorganized files to the IT team for the HTML/CSS conversion process, the ambiguity created by the disorganization in the files themselves will lead to unnecessary confusion and follow-up questions. 这可能会导致项目时间的增加, 更糟糕的是, 一个不太高兴的客户拿到他们的发票.

解决方案? 命名并标记你的图层和文件夹. If your design consists of actions when you interact with it, be sure to include the designed action in different states and highlight it in your email. 如果可能的话,也提供一份风格指南. 否则, the IT may just eyeball the design and assign it their own specific values, 字体和颜色. 甚至更好的, 如果你懂HTML和CSS的话, provide them with an already implemented version of your design. 然而, 在开始实现之前, be sure to find out what programming constraints exist, 因为每个托管环境都是不同的. 再来一次...整理你的文件和文件夹!

Do's and Dont's for organizing layered artwork files.

Always be as descriptive and specific as possible in your requests when delivering an update to the IT team. There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving an email that says, 把附加按钮放在网站上.” Take a screenshot of the page where the button needs to live, provide a link for the button and label it with additional notes. One last thing – and this is one I’m guilty of sometimes – clear your cache and reboot after your IT contact notifies you that the update has been completed. The reason you’ll want to do this is because you won’t always be able to see the fixes and updates made by your IT colleagues without first clearing your cache (especially in some browsers i.e.Internet Explorer). By doing this proactively, you should be able to reduce confusion and unnecessary email exchanges.


Provide your staff with some level of technical knowledge. This will instill confidence in them – and you – and strengthen their abilities to use the tools you provide. When working with an outside agency, be patient with us! 深呼吸,听我们说完,让我们帮你. 我们可能不知道所有的技术选择, but remember that we’re both trying to reach the same goal – producing an awesome product. After all, it’s one thing we all understand and have in common!


何塞Bencomo |
聪明的文章. I agree that adhering to best practices can clear up much of the confusion encountered between IT and agencies. Not to mention the misconceptions that exist among both camps. And while reaching out and learning the lingo is a critical first step, 我们可以涉水更深. As advertising becomes increasingly digital, IT partnerships are becoming the new paradigm. 正如文章所指出的那样, more people shoveling coal under tighter deadlines means the digital train can easily go screaming off the tracks. 我们都记得医疗保健的惨败.政府. Agencies who want to avoid looking like the bureaucrats in 华盛顿 will need to assemble Quality Assurance teams and deploy them early on to ensure successful campaign roll outs. QA teams can bring IT and creatives together and make sure everyone plays nice. QA can help catch problems early on and test along the way before the final pixel is in place instead of making testing a last minute priority. 最后, it's important to recognize that QA is everyone's responsibility from the lowly copywriter to the even lowlier code writer (and all the flashy pant designers and managers in between). Don't let the UX go SUX because you didn't put QA at THE START of your 项目.