Media Planning and Buying

Why should you choose CultureSpan Marketing for your media placement needs?

CultureSpan Marketing prides itself on having provided our clients with successful media placement strategies over the 39+ years we’ve been in business. However, the ability to create them doesn’t happen overnight as it takes a combination of skills, tools and knowledge to garner results.

Our expertise in all types of advertising media, from traditional to social and digital, along with the incorporation of the following methodologies, helps us guarantee results-oriented media plans for our clients.

Research and Strategy
Media Placement, Research and Strategy

You can’t connect with your target audience if you don’t know who they are or where to reach them. This can require a combination of efforts such as primary and secondary research analysis, planning, analyzing, strategizing and other critical steps to start crafting an effective plan.

Media Buying Tools
Media Placement, Media Buying Tools

CultureSpan Marketing utilizes the most sophisticated integrated media software systems available in today’s market. This allows us to show quantitative results while monitoring data such as reach/frequency and cost per point for a media plan – crucial details for a campaign to be effective.

Negotiating Power
Media Negotiating Power

We wield tremendous negotiating power due to the sheer volume of media we purchase for our clients throughout the year. These benefits allow us to provide our clients with substantial savings on media placement.

Value-Added Media
Media Value-Added Media

A value-added approach to a media plan can pertain to a variety of benefits – rate card discounts, no-charge TV/radio commercials, a featured write-up in a publication or additional impressions in a digital ad buy. Our clients benefit from our ability to negotiate significant discounts on media value for their campaigns.

Media Measurement

CultureSpan Marketing is well-prepared with the tools and knowledge needed to track the effectiveness of the media buys we prepare for our clients. This evaluation process, throughout the life of a campaign, includes a media post-buy analysis to determine if our proposed delivery was achieved along with Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of digital placement efforts and more. This due-diligence on our part ensures that your media dollars are being spent efficiently.