Midland Memorial Hospital – 68 NURSE

The Project

68 Nurse was a unique project, mostly because our client came to us with a solution to their own problem, which almost never happens! They had developed a toll free line where residents of the Permian Basin could call with medical questions, and it would then be determined what would be their best medical resource, potentially saving the caller and local hospitals from unnecessary trips to the ER.

The Approach

Our charge was to create an eye-catching campaign that both educated the Hispanic population and introduced a solid branding message consistent with the look and feel of existing genereal market creative. Our campaign features a fun and memorable kinetic typography execution that kept the imagery and message moving.

68 NURSE Logo Design

Our tv spot followed creative from the logo our artists designed and to capture our online audience we designed and developed the 68 NURSE website.

68 NURSE Website Design & Implementation