The Center for Women and Infants – Now Delivering

The Project

The Center for Women & Infants (one of the latest additions to Medical Center Health System in Odessa, Texas) is our newest bundle of joy. We were tasked with branding one of the most advanced maternity centers in West Texas. Our goal was simple - to get those babies bouncing from day one.

The Approach

Our campaign played off of the concept of a “due-date” for the grand opening of the new maternity center. Our TV execution used a testimonial approach, featuring Center for Women & Infants staff giving us a walk through of the new facility. To introduce mommy’s-to-be to a new kind of delivery experience, we created all-new print collateral for the center using a soft color palette and a cute dragonfly motif. This informational packet for new moms was instrumental in educating potential patients about the center’s hotel-style amenities and the many unique benefits, such as all private rooms, infant massage and state-of-the-art maternity suites.

We also designed an outdoor campaign that played off of our “due date” for the center’s grand opening. The campaign evolved over 9 months building excitement and anticipation, as we got closer to the big day.

Center for Women & Infants Outdoor

The Results

Our media mix resulted in significant increases in attendance for our “Sneak Peek” tours and a big bump in monthly deliveries.