Your Website is in English but Does it Speak Spanish?

Your website's in english but does it speak Spanish?最后! Your new website has been launched. 在那里 was some back and forth along with the occasional hiccup but that puppy is ready for some browsin’. You’ve got a slick design, the rotating banner ads look pretty cool and the links work wonderfully. It even shows up pretty nicely on mobile devices, too! Look at you. It’s got all the bells and whistles along with a Spanish version. 等待. 那是什么? 在那里 不是 a Spanish version?!

Unfortunately, this can sometimes be the case for many businesses. However, is it really all that necessary to have your online presence presented 西班牙语版? Here are a few details that can help you decide.

最新的 U.S. Census Bureau details revealed that the 2012 Latino 人口 consisted of approximately 53 million people or 17% of the total U.S. 人口. Yes, 53 MILLION… as in six zeros after a five and a three. “Ok, fine, but are they even online?”, you may ask. A Pew Research Center study published in a 2013 article revealed that 78% of Latinos go online or send/receive email at least occasionally. That number was an increase of 14% from 2009 when 64% of Latinos indicated they went online at least occasionally. So, yes, they are definitely surfin’ the digital waves.

Most importantly, the number of Spanish dominant Latinos who are online is 28% of all Latinos using the internet. While it may not seem like a large number, it translates to (quick calculations) more than 11.5 million Spanish-speaking Latinos who are digitally connected.

These growing numbers aren’t just in the southwest or major metropolitan cities where Latinos have traditionally resided. The number of Latinos in mid-sized cities or even small, rural towns across the country is continuing to grow and has been doing so for several years now.

If your company specializes in even the most basic of goods or services, couldn’t it benefit from having this audience as part of your target demographic? 

Most likely, you’re wildly nodding your head up and down – but what comes next? One approach used by many people is Google Translate. However, this quick-fix solution could possibly do more harm than good. A perfect example is the Affordable Care Act website, which has had multiple language-related issues revealed. It’s also been cited as a reason why many Latinos aren’t signing up for the program.

So, maybe you’ll get your friend’s sister’s boyfriend to help you out. The one who speaks Spanish fluently and is an excellent writer. Now you’re talking! However, you live in a town where Latinos are pre-dominantly Mexican and he’s Cuban. Will that still work? While the language overall may be similar, there are many words and phrases that have entirely different meanings. Connecting with your audience 不是 just about speaking their language but connecting to their hearts and minds. 嗯. That sounds familiar.

Once you’ve got someone who fits the bill, you’ll want to keep search engine optimization in mind as well. While the overall Spanish content will help with this issue, you’ll need keywords and metatags to assist in enhancing online searchability for your online presence.

唷!. Quite a bit, right? Luckily, CultureSpan Marketing is experienced in every bit of the above. So, if your company is in need of a new advertising campaign and website with a Spanish-speaking component – ¡estamos a sus órdenes!

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